Nice Guy vs. Jerk

Nice Guy vs. Jerk

You probably have heard other people say the jerk always gets the girl. You also know some girls that always date jerks. The nice guy is perceived as romantic, tender, and sensitive. The jerk is perceived as impolite, rude, and insensitive, yet the jerk gets the girl that the nice guy wanted.Woman do not really prefer mean guys to nice guys. Woman like other qualities in jerks. Think about it jerks are always strong, flashy, driven, and the most important thing is they have huge self confidence. Women love self confidence so of course they would love the jerks. The nice guys always doubt themselves while the jerks are getting the women. Jerks show their sexual side and don’t accept just being friend. If a woman told a jerk they just wanted be friends then the jerk would say no. The nice guy is glad to be friends but that’s as far as he will ever get. The nice guy will settle for friends while the jerk will move on and search for something better.

My advice is don’t be a jerk but use some of their qualities. Make sure you are self confident and don’t be afraid to show a woman your sexual side. Also don’t be afraid to let a woman know you want to be more than friends. How many girl friends do you need that are not really “girlfriends”, not many? Tell women what you want and don’t accept anything less. Be yourself and be strong.


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