Nacer en Cuba – Anonymous (What is like to live in cuba)

Nacer en Cuba – Anonymous

An anonymous author in Cuba describes very poignantly what’s like to be Cuban in Cuba.

“I was born in Cuba….
I was born in Cuba where a foreigner has more rights than me…
I am free; but I can’t speak my mind or live my own dreams…
I live in a democratic society where there is only one party, one point of view, and only one ruler…..
I am free to vote in the elections where there is only one candidate…
My education is free; but I must give up my time in the school year to work at our labor camps so I will not be excluded and expelled from our system of free education….
My education is free, yet, I am not free to choose my education…….
Due to the official blockade imposed by the USA, we suffer a lack of basic needs; but somehow, there is plenty of everything and no embargo for our tourists….
Mi mother said in years past, with other regimes, there was hunger here, people ate corn meal all the time….what in the world is corn meal????
My medical care is free, but there is no medication in our local hospital, our doctors are now taxi cab drivers to make ends meet, our nurses are prostitutes working the streets all night, therefore, they need their rest and sleep during the day….
I own a television set, where I am only allowed to watch two channels, both with the same people in it….
I own a fan, but there is no electricity in our homes….
I like to bathe; somehow we haven’t had running water for the past three years….
When I happen to have a tooth brush, I have no tooth paste and vice-versa….
I have a pencil, and no paper….
When I have both pencil and paper, I am reminded that here, I am not free to write down my thoughts….
Someone said You only live once…..I can tell you that whoever said such words is not living in Cuba….
Here in Cuba, we are not living life….we are just observing it…..
Freedom takes time; but it will get here in time……”


2 Responses to “Nacer en Cuba – Anonymous (What is like to live in cuba)”

  1. Orlando Gomez Says:

    esto es verdad brother, en todo tiene razon, yo sali de cuba hace 6 a~os cuando tenia 15 y pase por todo eso.

    All fo this is true, me being cuban have gone truw all of that.

  2. Princess Micaela Says:

    damn this isnt rite……

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